EUR / USD analysis of the medium term by

copy-logoduna1.jpgMIDDLE TIME EUR/USD : The development of the calculation currency product in days 25.07.2014 and confirmed the 27.07.14, provided the reversal point of the bearish signal to share 1,3470, have already had confirmations to share 1,2750 ( S1) , a 1,2500 (S2) , a 1,1800 (S3). Currently we are down between the level S3 and S4, the latter place to share 1,04, After this threshold, the market will proceed for equality, in fact, the S5 is placed in 0,9990, the next support is
calculated 0,9200/50, while the final movement in anticipation for the end of summer 2016 is placed into the box 0,8200/50. […]

EUR / USD Analysis Valutaria Spell by

copy-logoduna1.jpgIn data 25 September 2014 the violation occurred stable share 1,2740, if the same will be confirmed with falling prices in the market share 1,2610 will see an expansion of the fall that will have as intermediate supports share 1.2500/30, second level of support place to 1,2300/30, third level of support place to 1,2000/50. The triangle 1) represents the portion of the current mkt, triangle 2) defines the minimum target, Figure number three defines the excursion time with various intermediate supports above said. The red dotted line is the level of violation that prices should have to have the downward movement described above. The purple line defines the inclination, then the intensity of the volumetric motion short. […]